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2D Animation & Design

Crown Softs 2D Animation & Design

2D animation is an art of creating two dimensional characters images and designs that helps creating a world especially for your clients. Our 2D Flash animations services are a step ahead of standstill visuals; it creates a fantasy world that makes everything else lively and delightful. We create artwork that explains itself it maybe general illustration, presentations or storyboards. We use latest 2D animation software to provide you with best results that you will find irresistible.

Interactive logos that capture's clients attention, Illustrative Newsletters that compels the read and know better of your company, splendid E-mailers that builds your rapport with the clients, and nonetheless self explaining storyboards that defines and describes your product expressing every emotion involved with it all of this leads your clients to ultimately find your websites that has all the latest products, services and press releases of your company.

With the advent of technological know how animation has got a new face that is known as two dimensional and three dimensional animations. A three dimensional animation is far better than two dimensional. It adds more vigor and Bvivacity to animation.Animation is simulation of movement created by a series of pictures or frames. It starts with drawing independent pictures and putting them together in a frame to form the illusion of continuous motion. Two dimension means that the picture is drawn with help of two coordinates of geometry. These are designated as x (horizontal) coordinate and y (vertical) coordinate.

2D is flat which means that if a picture is turned to the side then it becomes a line. Whereas 3D includes an extra dimension known as z coordinate which stands for rotation and depth.

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